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Accident Causation is the power that causes the user to be injured in frequent, random accidents.


  • Emma received this power in the Storm, most likely due to either extremely bad luck or inherent clumsiness. She later had this power removed by Alex's power.
  • This power was then accidently given to Sarah along with Object Inversion, Satanic Conversion and her original power Hypnotic Breasts, the power ended up killing her by slipping on a banana peel and smashing her skull open, the power died with her.

Similar Powers[]

  • Enhanced Mortality - the ability to become prone to death, most likely in freak accidents.


Emma's life was plagued with accidents, ranging from minor incidents such as a door slamming shut on her hand to being involved in a life-threatening hit-and-run incident. She revealed her many injuries to Alex, also explaining how she gained some of them. Many of them she couldn't even remember how she had obtained. These injuries were caused by various accidents that included:

  • The catch on a dishwasher door breaking. She tripped over it and impaled herself on a potato peeler.
  • The handle of a mug of tea snapping off as she was drinking it.
  • A loose paving slab at the top of a flight of steps falling and hitting her back.
  • Door gets slammed on her hand.
  • Getting hit by a car.
  • Many other injuries that she doesn't clearly remember how she got.