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Blindness was the opposite of JessX-ray Vision power, which she was inflicted with upon taking drugs and having her power reversed.


  • Jess has displayed this ability when her original ability is reversed by taking drugs.


  • As well as losing her sight/vision, her inverted power also had some other effects; a panicking Jess felt as though she was "flying", although this may have due to the drugs.
  • Jess' inverted power may also have included some form of super-sensitive hearing or remote listening, since when Jess held her hand to the wall she could hear the muffled music coming from the other room very clearly in her mind, although the noise was erratic and overbearing to Jess. However this ability seemed to rapidly wear off and her other senses except her vision quickly returned to normal.
  • As with all power reversal, Jess' blindness wore off with the drugs, and by the next morning her vision had returned. However, since she never again displays her X-ray Vision on the show, it is possible that her power may have permanently altered/affected, albeit there was only one further episode after this event so it may not be the case.
  • Since her X-ray Vision reflects her ability to see through people's lies, this power serves the opposite function as her Blindness led her to believe in Rudy's lie regarding the content of Maggie's jumper for her.


Jess inverse

Jess's eye at the moment her ability is reversed