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Blechmaster Blechmaster 10 April 2014

At what point did misfits go wrong?

Here is a question not asked often enough at what point did the show go wrong? Well lets start by pointing out what made the show great in season one, great characters, great powers anmd a great formula. The formula that made the show great season/series 1-2 was the main cast and the fact that curtis' old power was basically a reasonable and wether intentional or not ingenius excuse to keep the show both linier and episodic (resetting everything and having the show go back to normal so anything can happen the next day) Now the biggest problem in the long run was actually in season/series 2 where they begin to break this formula by revealing the mysterious superhoodie to be simon from the future, now that alone kinda made it hard for them t…

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Grudge25 Grudge25 9 February 2014

Solo Comics Wiki

Are you a fan of comic books? Have you ever wanted to create your own villains or heroes? Now you can! I have created Solo Comics Wiki, a Wiki where anyone can tribute! The link is here: [[1]]. Know anyone who might be interested? Tell them about it! If interested remember to NOT edit other articles without permission from the original writer as it counts as Vandalism. Please Enjoy!

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Grudge25 Grudge25 8 February 2014

Old Misfits Gang Vs New Misfits Gang?

I was thinking, which incarnation of the Misfits Gang is better. Personally I think the old Misfits Gang was much better, but some may disagree. Note that this is not a fight between them, it's just judging which Gang has the best characters, powers, personalities, and so on. So speak up, which group is better and why?

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Latrellfg10 Latrellfg10 23 December 2013

This is a Blog post title

This is a blog post.

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Final5 Final5 5 December 2013

The End of Misfits

Now that the show is near-offically over, I'd like to thank everyone that has added to and edited this wikia, and although it may soon be over there is still more we can do here to make it better from expanding to adding photos. Thank you all and let's all hope that these movie rumours are true!

- Final5
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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 27 November 2013

American remake of Misfits might not happen after all

So this interview with Misfits creator Howard Overman confirms that Josh Schwartz is no longer involved with the American remake of the show, so who knows if it's still going to happen.

Howard also talks a little bit about the changes that were made with the script for the American-version of the pilot.


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May1243 May1243 25 November 2013

End of misfits

I'm just wondering if anyone is going to be upset about the end of misfits?

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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 17 November 2013

Every Episode of Misfits from Series 5 Episode 5 to Series 5 Episode 8 will be on 4OD one week early each week

Confirmed in this new trailer:


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RamsaySnow RamsaySnow 13 November 2013

Character comebacks? Which are possible?

Do you guys think any of the members can come back? I mean obviously they can, but WILL they come back? This thread will have some spoilers, so don't read if you haven't seen most of the series.

Simon: He got stuck in a time loop that really fucks my head. His future self makes Alisha fall in love with him only because Alisha fell in love with him because of his other future self? Somewhere down the line, Simon went back in time without the intent of making Alisha fall in love with him right? And since the timeline changed there, why couldn't it again? Simon is probably the character that is least likely to come back, seeing as Iwan has moved on to his musical career, Game of Thrones, etc. But maybe sometime in the future? Maybe he finds a w…

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IsaacNewton98 IsaacNewton98 29 October 2013

What if Nathan never left?

I know that the "Nathan" topic is a hot one considering how loved he was in season 1 and 2 and this is almost why I'm making this blog. I was wondering what would have happened if Robert Sheehan never decided to leave and if Nathan was still in. Here are some changes I think would occur.

  • He would most likely have a different power (The writer's wouldn't give him magic I don't think) but pinpointing which one he would have instead is almost impossible considering how strange the powers that the rest of them got were.
  • Would Rudy exist? I think that with the unchanging character dynamic there would be no need to add Rudy in as he was more of a replacement character. Not even as a recurring character like Nikki or Seth I think because his power …
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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 2 September 2013

Top 5 Best and Worst Episodes

What are your top 5 best and worst Misfits episodes? These are mine:

  1. Episode 3 (Series 2) The one with the tatoo guy and where we find out about Superhoodie. Awesome episode.
  2. Episode 6 (Series 3) The one where Rudy gets an STD and Curtis gets pregnant. Hillarious.
  3. Episode 5 (Series 1) The one where Simon kills the probation worker. Amazing and thrilling.
  4. Episode 2 (Series 1) The one when Nathan has sex with a granny. So funny.
  5. Episode 6 (Series 4) The one with the killer rabbit. Great TV.

  1. Episode 1 (Series 4) The one with the suitcase.... Abysmal...
  2. Episode 8 (Series 3) The one when Simon goes back in time. Very disapointing.
  3. Episode 7 (Series 4) The one when Alex gets his cock back. 'Boring and unfunny.
  4. Episode 5 (Series 2) The one with the gorill…

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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 1 September 2013

Is Laura in Series 5?

Is Laura in series 5? The actor's name is in the caption of this picture:


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OwnerMan OwnerMan 11 May 2013

Misfits: The Movie

Okay, this may be a week late but Iwan Rheon has stated that the chance of a Misfits movie being made is 'likely' and that he would be an idiot to turn down the chance to be in it.

So, any thoughts?

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Stman106 Stman106 1 May 2013

My possible theory for series 5

Here is my version of how the series 5 should go and probably possible theory for a movie. I want the gang be introduced a new character let say his name is Shane, someone who is hot head but rational one of the group, who always clash with the gang especially Alex. I want his power involve around electricity or magnetism. He got caught by police for  public urination, being drunk and for harrasing a police. I also want this series to show more of the gang's past by Shane going back the past through someone  who can time travel and we also get to learn more Abby identity in this series. I want the gang meet real A-List power people like lonely ugly guy who has illusion so he can change appearance, person who loves twilight become a werewol…

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TempestCeos TempestCeos 26 April 2013

5 Things I want from Misfits in the future.

I know recently misfits hasn't been going so well and is actually closing down. I am not a fan of this. This is my five ideas how Misfits could say active and become great once again.

Number One: Bigger Seasons Lets be honest most Misfits series are very short compared to some other shows. I feel with such short seasons that they can't have arches that last long. They could really build up more tension if they had more time to develop characters and make the audience tune in to watch the show for the big twist.

Number Two: More Twists and Arches A problem with misfits is that the episodes haven't recently built up an overall theme or villain that can continue for many episodes and then have a final climatic episode. Make good characters change …

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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 8 April 2013

Theories on Series 5 & the end of the show

So, what do all you guys think will go down in Series 5 (remember, A-list powered villains have been confirmed, plus the support group for people with crap powers) and how do you think the show will end? Wonder if we'll have cameos from any of the original gang, and will the Misfits Movie still happen? Howard Overman seems to be busy with his new show Atlantis for now. :(

For some reason I can only think the show will end on a huge cliffhanger, which will be the coming of a second Storm. I guess I was so pumped for it to happen at the end of Series 4 I was kind of let down when it was a meh cliffhanger. They referenced and teased about the Storm so much leading up the final and it was all for nothing.

Think it will end on a positive note or th…

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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 28 March 2013

My version of Series 4

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of Series 4 as a whole. And the other day I was just daydreaming, walking to my friend's house and then, I had this wierd thought. What if I was given the task to rewrite Series 4? And from that I bulit loads and loads of ideas for a fourth series of Misfits. So, here it is. My version of Series 4, or in other words, What I would of done if I wrote Series 4 of Misfits.

Series 4 has to establish a load of new characters and to be honest, there isn't much you can do with Jess, Finn, Alex and Abby. So, here is the new cast that I would introduce. Remember, I'm not ripping off the real Series 4, I've taken ideas from this series and done what I think could improve them.

  • Nadine- Nadine lives a double li…

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ShaunoftheRed ShaunoftheRed 30 January 2013

Nathan Young vs Jesus Christ Rap Battle

For those of you who are aware of the "Epic Rap Battles of History" This is basically a rap battle between our beloved Nathan Young and Lovable probably fictional Jesus Christ. For those of you who aren't aware of the epic rap battles of history you can still enjoy this but since it's been taken from that style... get on Youtube and watch some of their shit now its fucking great.

  • 1 The Battle:
    • 1.1 Jesus:
    • 1.2 Nathan:
    • 1.3 Curtis:
    • 1.4 Curtis:
    • 1.5 Jesus:
    • 1.6 Nathan:
    • 1.7 Simon:
    • 1.8 Simon as SuperHoody:
    • 1.9 God:






Ah. My child, It's so nice of you to be here,

Now just take a seat. Would like some wine? or beer?

But you'll be a repenting, my son. I watch you 24/7

Thus I can humbly promise that …

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Wood1403 Wood1403 25 January 2013

My ideas for series 5

So far this is what I hope happens in series 5:
I think most people agree by now that Alex should/will be the big bad guy of the next series. He's shown his true colours, he's cheated on Jess, floored Finn, and is basically just a huge cock. I think after he gets his power, he should recruit a group of Anti-Misfits, who all have powers (maybe A list powers so that the misfits have to come up with plans how to defeat them), and who can fight against the Misfits gang and force them to both work as a team more, and use their powers more.
Another of my ideas I'm quite fond of is the frankensteins monster idea, where a guy goes around harvesting organs so that he can either create or become a person with lots of different powers. This could be a…

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RobYeo RobYeo 10 January 2013

Thoughts on Season 4

On the whole I really enjoyed Season 4, but I agree with most people that it's not what it used to be.

Firstly, we're intoduced to new Misfits; Finn, Jess, Alex and Abby.  For the most part they follow the convention of all being on community service, all with powers (Alex being the exception, well for now at least).  The problem is, this all seems inevitable; misfits HAVE to be on community service right? They all need powers right?  I think the writers missed an opportunity to play around with the format even more, rather than just trying to replace the missing cast.  What if nobody was on community service? What if the beloved community centre wasn't featured any more?

I liken it to the James Bond series; does he always need to order mart…

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TempestCeos TempestCeos 17 December 2012

Misfits season 4 in retrospect and what I want from future series.

I don't understand why every hates season 4 so much. I enjoyed it to be honest and even though parts like seeing Alex's cock (and vagina) and other slightly over the top sexual parts or gags doesn't mean that the shows going down hill. I know the season has been a huge turn with the loss of all the original cast but that's how Television shows evolve isn't it?

I also liked the new characters too. I know there's a lot of hate for Finn and Alex but I can't understand why? The writers have wrote them in like this to build on and hopefully evolve more in future series. I think it was great how Seth and Curtis has minor parts. I think they had such small roles on the show was to try and give old time fans a sense of originality.

All said I do adm…

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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 17 December 2012

Series 4 Episode 8 and Final Verdict

So, the finale of Series 4 has arrived and how do I feel about it.... I thought it was SO bad, SO bad. Well, the first half was great, Rudy fighting for Nadine, but its the second half that really lets this episode down. Also, this episode just doesn't hold the feeling of a usual Misfits finale. Sure, last finale was not so great, but you still felt some geniue threat. This episode lacks that, as well as charm, witt and style. I feel that the four horsemen were just wasted completely. They should of been the main focus. Oh and the scene where sperm fell out of Abby's..... Horrid....

You know what? I was expecting a huge finale and what did we get? An episode filled with stupid sex gags (like the rest of this series) and a dissapointing anta…

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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 14 December 2012

Misfits Renewed For A Fifth Series



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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 11 December 2012

Series 4 Impressions

Now after my huge dissapointment for Series 3, Series 4 was just around the corner and like many, I was very skeptic, but also very excited. I don't mind when characters leave a show, as long as new characters are brought that are just as good. And does Series 4 do this well? Hmmm well let's dive in and see.

  • 1 Characters
  • 2 Episodes
  • 3 Verdict
  • 4 Best to Worst Series

My big problem with the previous series is that the characters, at times, felt a little liveless and if I'm honest, a bit dull when compared to what they were in Series 1 and 2.

  • Rudy- Without a doubt, Joe Gilgun absolutely nails it as Rudy. So many times has Gilgun managed to make me laugh out loud. However, sometimes the scripts do not complement Joesph's acting abilities. Take Episode 3 f…

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KooKooManGuy KooKooManGuy 2 December 2012

My problem with Misfits Series 3

In my honest opinion, I think Series 3 of Misfits was a big dissapointment and sometimes, it felt like the writers were flinging turds at my face because some of their choices in stories which were both questionable and really stupid. I will list my problems with this series and what I think the writers should of done.

WARNING: This is my opinion, not facts. If you do not like what I say, then please leave or if you have something constructive to say, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

  • The gang's new powers were hardly used and were hardly useful.
  • Seth turned out to be a good guy, when in the christmas special, he seemed to be up to something. Why wasn't he a villain?
  • In Series 1 and 2, every character had a storyline going on and thing…

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Doofy4 Doofy4 1 December 2012


First off i love this ability but i just made this blog to see what everyone out there thinks  about this ability if their were extreme capabilities and do you think alisha used it to it's full limits

comment below please

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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 30 November 2012

E4/Clerkenwell Films Staffing For ‘Misfits’ Season 5, Adds Mike O’Leary To Writing Staff

Source: http://www.tvwise.co.uk/2012/11/e4clerkenwell-films-staffing-for-misfits-season-5/

Series 5 seems likely. :)

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DannyJC13 DannyJC13 26 November 2012

First draft of the Misfits Movie script has been written!

Source: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/11/26/howard-overman-has-written-his-misfits-screenplay/

Big news guys! Past and present characters too!

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ValiantRook ValiantRook 7 November 2012

Possible Powers

So, let's give the fanfic/Misfits team a hand in creating powers shall we? It's just for fun, but this was originally brought on by Sadie 's power and Finn 's power and more notably the slow pace of Series 4 so far(Ep 2). In comparison, Sadie's power can be said to have traits of both Alisha 's and Rachel 's power or a branch off if you will. I'll except it seeing as how "there's a power for everything", but let's go into our imaginations and see what we find. So for starters how about:

The power to break the fourth wall.

The power to give other people temporary powers. These powers "break" after so many uses or so much time. Said person generates powers therefore making them a Seth/Storm cross.

The power to swap places with another person or obje…

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OGRastamon OGRastamon 29 October 2012

Pretty Fucking Awesome

Yes! Series 4 has begun.

Like most fans, I'm sure, my expectations were a mixture of obsessive desire and fear/disappointment stemming from the absence of all but one original cast member. Foolish perhaps to doubt that Overman would overcome this issue and give us something great.

Having seen Karla Crome in Hit & Miss I knew she would be incredible but had the, perhaps racist, concern that her character would be too close a copy of Alisha much as Rudy was for Nate (though he's certainly come into his own). Both of the newbies were enjoyable but they have shit powers and it remains to be seen how they'll contribute to the group. Good news in that Kelly is still alive so perhaps she will return once Lauren Socha does whatever is required to do…

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Ducleto Ducleto 14 October 2012

Sweater Seth

Hi all,

I am desperatly looking for the blue sweater Seth is wearing in Season 3. It's all here :


Thanks for your help on a brand, link...

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Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ 31 July 2012

What caused the storm?

I dont know if this has ever been asked but what do you guys think caused the storm? Was it...

1. A scientific storm that had nothing to do with the supernatural but gave people supernaturals powers

2. A supernatural storm that gave supernatural powers to people

3. A deity or being of some kind that created this storm to give people powers

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Vulcan89999 Vulcan89999 27 May 2012

Misfits crossover?

Even though the propability is unlikely just imagine there being a Misfits crossover with say... Shameless maybe, it would be amazing if that was ever to happen even though it most certainly will not!

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ShaunCohan ShaunCohan 25 May 2012

Season 3 Episode 1

What I consider to be one of the best episodes of Misfits what are your opinions on this episode?

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Lakeside31 Lakeside31 24 May 2012


Well Series 4 has not even started yet but who knows maybe there might be yet another series which would just be fantastic but just so long as Curtis stays on because after all he is one of the last to be remaining of the original Misfits.

Season 5, 6, 7 Maybe?!

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Lakeside31 Lakeside31 24 May 2012


Series 4 might have some intresting changes but what will change? The Characters obviously but what about the location, possibly the means of technology etc...

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