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Brian, also known as the Milk Guy or Monsieur Grand Fromage was one of the first people to go public with his power in an alternative timeline. Originally a 'tea boy', he was affected by the storm when he opened his door to collect milk. First being aware of his power of telekinesis specifically around dairy-based products, such as milk or cheese, he gained local notoreity as the first person to go public with his power. Although he initially enjoyed the attention he received and getting the girl of his dreams, when others with powers started to come forward, such as a girl who could heal others, or the 'ASBO Five', he became increasingly resentful of the fact that they received more attention than him simply because of their more interesting powers.

Angered at being ignored, he concluded that since the only time people like him got noticed was when they killed others, he would go on a murder spree. With this goal in mind, he killed his girlfriend, management and began to attack the 'ASBO Five', using his control over the dairy products that they had just eaten to suffocate Kelly, Alisha, and Nikki, later wrapping Nathan's cortex in mozzarella to leave him permanently brain-damaged. Fortunately, Curtis was immune to his power due to him being lactose intolerant, although he still tried to stab Curtis only for Simon to intercept the blade in his invisible state. With the rest of the group dead, Curtis gained the necessary incentive to turn back time and prevent Brian from going fully public with his power, the group travelling to Brian's house and Curtis punches him in the face; it is unknown whether he survives but it appears to have stopped him from going public again so far.


  • Brian's power reflects his love of milk and how he used to work as a teaboy.
  • It may also reflect his immediate desire to to pick up the milk that he had just spilled.
  • Interestingly, all victims killed by his lactokinesis were women as Nathan was immortal and Simon was stabbed.
  • So far no one else has come forward publically displaying a power which seems unlikely but is still possible as there are many people looking for easy ways to fame.
  • Brian is the first person on the show to use his power to kill someone, opposed to killing someone under the influence of his power.