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Brian's World was an alternative timeline created by Brian, who went public with his power, with other people, including the gang, doing the same.


Brian was just an ordinary guy, until he was struck by the Storm and gained the ability to control Milk, which he named Lactokinesis. He went public with his power with the help of an agent, Laura, with other people, including the gang, doing the same.


Brian discovers his power.


They all became instantly famous. Laura started representing the gang as well as Brian and other people with powers. As more and more people with powers came forward, Brian's power became less interesting and Laura stopped representing him. Brian, who got used to the attention and started needing it, killed Laura using his power. He then killed Charlotte, Daisy, Kelly, Alisha, Nikki and Simon.


Curtis, who was lactose intollerent, used his Time Reversal power and went back in time to a point before Brian went public with his power. He stopped him from becoming famous and aborted this timeline.

However, this did not seem to negate some of the events that transpired in this timeline. After the negation occurs, Alisha has still revealed the identity of Superhoodie to Simon. Alisha's interview where she explains her power to a news reporter is shown to her by Future Simon before this episode, presumably having been brought back in time with him, even though he logically would have had to have travelled back from the main timeline in which this interview never took place (as he was dead in the "Brian's World" timeline).

Differences from the original timeline[]

  • Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon are famous along with others with powers, which are now known to exist. In the original timeline, they are all anonymous and the world is unaware of people having superpowers.
  • Kelly, Alisha, Nikki and Simon are dead. In the original timeline, they are all alive.
  • Nathan is braindead. In the original timeline, his brain is fully functioning... ish.
  • Presumably Rudy, Finn, Abbey and Jess never end up in community service and possibly became famous because of their abilities, with it also being likely that they don't know each other. In the original timeline they all got community service and know each other.