Misfits Wiki

A show as fantastic and entertaining as this only comes around every 10 years or so. Everytime you watch an episode you cantt help but giggle.

There is so much potential in Misfits so many powers to be discovered and used in different ways. All the characters have unwritten potential that only requires someone to record a short mini episode to unveil. For example

Nathan - He's funny, quirky and always lightens the mood. A hidden story about his past could come back to haunt him and the rest of the gang.

Kelly - Could go over from uganda for a holiday. Help out for at least one episode and then fly on back.

Finn - On the last episode of season 5, he had full control over his power so what happened in between the present and the future that allowed him to gain full control.

Misfits was so entertaining and fun to watch they need to bring it back. Because we all miss it an because of that we'd all watch it. So bring it back it will be awesome.