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Bruno was originally a gorilla; he wanted to be human, and his wish came true during the storm. Bruno became a shy, awkward young man who wanted to be stronger and more confident around women. Attracted to him because of his honest thoughts, Kelly shared a beer with him in the park before having sex in his flat, but rejected him when their second encounter became too rough. At a fancy dress party, while dressed in a gorilla costume, Bruno attempted to explain what had happened, his honest thoughts showing Kelly that he really didn't mean to hurt her, but a subsequent pursuit by the police led him to run away, scale a block of flats with Kelly on his back and almost beat a policeman to death before being shot. Kelly removed his mask, and his true form was revealed to her. He died soon after in Kelly's arms, his last thoughts being to assure her that it was worth it, as he got to be with her, if only for a little while.


  • Bruno's power reflects his desire to find a woman to fall in love with and become human.
  • He still kept his gorilla attributes such as his strength, rough sexual activity and fondness of eating bananas. An example of his strength is that he had accidentally murdered a man when he escaped.