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Camouflage is the ability to blend in with the surface of any object or material, concealing the user from sight.



Camouflage allows Karen to blend into her surroundings, rendering her completely hidden from the naked eye. Karen does this by attaching herself to a surface (such as a wall) and using her power to make body assume the colors and details of her environment. This works for her skin, hair, eyes, clothes and any object she's currently holding. It's shown that Karen will break her camouflage if she performs any sudden actions (such as stabbing), though it appears she can transverse while camouflage and blend in seamlessly.

Karen was first shown to have used this ability when she first met the gang in Episode 6 (Series 5) when she was ignored by them while she was trying to speak. Later in the episode, she was seen getting out of her camouflauged state after confronting Rudy. In Episode 7 (Series 5), Karen used her ability when she stabbed Tim after he attempted to kill Helen. The last time this ability was used was in Episode 8 (Series 5), where Karen used this ability while fighting the gang at near end of the episode.

Similar Powers[]

  • Invisibility - The power to become both invisible and inaudible.


  • Camouflage appears to be a weaker version of Invisibility which also muffles speech, whereas Camouflage requires greater effort on the part of the user to remain stealthy.