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Clairvoyance is the ability to flawlessly see the world with one's mind.  User gains flawless direct visual information about everything there is in the world around them; objects, people, locations, and events, through means other than the user's physical sight, with no mistakes and 100% accuracy and certainty.



The Alisha usage of this ability was placing herself (quite literally) in other people's shoes. Alisha shows that when she "finds" other people, she goes through a "void", and seconds after she can see through the eyes of the person, allowing her to see that they're viewing. Alisha used this ability to see Tanya writing her and Rudy fake suicide notes (S3E1) and Simon hanging out with Peter and showing him comic books. (S3E3) She later used it to find out Kelly was inside Jen's body (S3E5) and to find out where Rudy was in Erazer's universe. (Erazer)