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Communing is the power to speak with and return spirits that have not crossed over to the mortal plane to resolve unfinished business. However, not all spirits come back, as only a few were mentioned to come back.

The user appears to have little control over which spirits he brings across and does not know what their unfinished business may be. It also seems that the user can only bring back spirits that died in the current location they are using the power in, or spirits that are related to people close by him.

Unlike typical ghosts, the spirits returned are fully physical beings that are capable of touching, eating, becoming drunk, using drugs, having sex and even killing.

A similar power to this is Mediumship.


  • It is unknown if spirits that had powers when they were alive can still use them when they are brought back into our world.
    • They most likely can't, as Rachel didn't use her power of Suggestion when trying to get revenge on the Misfits and Tony didn't go into a Berserker Rage when they attacked him. It has also been shown that powers can be transferred and live on through the user's heart (Episode 4 (Series 2)), but the spirits aren't technically alive.
  • It is unknown where the spirits go once they "move on", as Rachel says there is no God, so it is most likely there is no Heaven.
    • Although since Rachel herself didn't "move on" and thus was stuck in limbo of sorts, she might not be a reliable source because she didn't go to an actual afterlife.
  • Other spirits Jonas could have brought back in the Community Centre include: Shaun, Jen, Charlie, Laura, Tanya, Elliot, Stacie, other cheerleaders and possibly Mr. Miggles.
    • Although he did not die there, Nathan saw Ollie outside the Community Centre after he was shot in the head by Tim, meaning his spirit may still linger around the area.
  • It would be possible for Jonas to bring back Alisha's spirit.
    • Quite unlikely since they only can return for unfinished business and that wouldn't be the case for Alisha since her death completes the Superhoodie cycle.

Similar Powers[]

  • Mediumship - The ability to see the ghosts of dead people.
  • Resurrection - The power to bring back the dead, but as conscious flesh-eating zombies.