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Conti was Tim's imaginary enemy, who was also Jimmy Cisco's (Tim's) friend. He has appeared in both the form of Simon, and Rudy Two.


Conti (In Tim's view) has always appeared as a muscular man wearing jeans and a mesh vest. His actual face varies whether he is Simon or Rudy Two.

Video Game History[]

On the day Jimmy Cisco's and Roxy's wedding, Conti came and stole Cisco's money. Roxy also turned on Cisco, and Cisco was later arrested. Cisco was eventually released, and was sent after Conti by his boss, Fat Tony.


Tim, who believed he was Jimmy Cisco, hunted down the imaginary Conti, until Nathan said Simon was a right 'Cunti'. Tim then kidnapped Kelly, who he thought was Roxy, and demanded Simon give him his money. The Gang robbed a bank and gave Tim the money, however Tim's next 'level' was to find out which of Conti's friends was an undercover cop. Tim hanged the Gang on meat hooks and was about to use a chainsaw on Alisha when she escaped. He then chased after her. Future Simon (Still in the form of Conti), took a bullet for Alisha and claimed he was the undercover cop. Tim then proceeded to his 'bonus level', breaking an imaginary prisoner out of prison.

Much later, Tim, struggling with his power, loses control and sees Rudy Two as Conti. He follows Rudy Two and Helen (Who he sees as Roxy) and then attempts to shoot them. Karen appears and kills Tim with a pair of scissors.