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Curtis' World was an alternative timeline, created accidentally by Curtis, who wanted to go back in time to undo the drug charges that led to his and Sams' arrest.

Curtis is confronted by his ex-girlfriend Samantha, who accuses him of having ruined her life after the two of them were caught with cocaine at a local disco and failing to visit her when she went to jail for six months for being caught with the majority of their drugs that night.

Sam dies

Sam dies in this unwanted alternate timeline.

His first attempt at changing the past avoids the drug bust but ends with Sam being stabbed by the drug dealer.

His second attempt at changing the past avoids all disastrous consequences that night and revives his Olympic hopes. However, after his power allows him to jump back to the 'revised' present, Curtis learns that the other Misfits — with the exception of Nathan — were killed in Tony's rampage without him present to undo their deaths and provide advance warning. Curtis realises this occurred because he was not there to save them, forcing him to change history once again to save the other Misfits.

This time he saves Sam by taking all the drugs from her and disposing of them before the police arrive, keeping a small amount in his possession so he will end up with the Misfits.

As a consequence, when he jumps back to a newly revised present, Sam was never imprisoned and they are still in a relationship—suddenly introducing a twist to his budding relationship with Alisha.