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Daisy was another person affected by the storm. Formerly a devout humanitarian, she was described as a "pretty, modern day Mother Teresa with a superpower" by her agent, Laura. Daisy had the ability to heal others by rubbing her hands against their injuries, as shown when she healed a man whose legs had been paralysed. She is reluctant to heal STDs, stating she does not want to "spend [her] life rubbing other people's genitalia". When Nathan came to ask her for help after he believed he had contracted an STD, she refused.

While he tried to convince her, she was attacked by Brian, jealous at how others were getting more attention than him due to his relatively 'lame' power, who caused a dairy product she had consumed earlier to leave her digestive system and enter her lungs, resulting in her falling over during her suffocation and being impaled on an award she had received for her charity work. Nathan attempted to encourage her to heal herself, but it was unclear if her power didn't work on herself or if the fact that the object that killed her was still in the wound prevented her from healing. This timeline was undone by Curtis after Brian killed the rest of the group and she hasn't appeared in the restored timeline. It's not known how her life is there.


  • Daisy's power reflects how she is a humanitarian, and how she wants to help people.