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Debbie is a woman who attended the Power Support Group and had her body briefly hijacked by her friend Leah. Leah is too scared to leave her flat and go to the support group, so she uses her power to hijack Debbie's body and go as her.

At the support group, Leah starts talking to Finn and they spend the day together. Leah exits Debbie's body at some point after leaving Finn, so Debbie does not recognise or know who Finn is the next day the support group.

Later, Leah hijacks Finn's body and goes to her own flat in his body to capture him. Rudy spots Debbie at the support group and asks her about her supposed relationship with Finn, but Debbie explains that she knows nothing about it, and thinks that Leah did something to her without her knowing it.


  • Debbie's power or reason for going to the power support group is never revealed. However, when Leah is in control of her body, she tells Finn that she has Super Hearing, but it seems likely that Leah was just making this up, as she hadn't left her flat or seen Debbie since the day of the Storm. Although when Debbie is knocking at Leah's door she claims she can hear her even though Leah clearly didn't make a sound.