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Derren is a street gang leader around the estate, seen once in Series 2 and once in Series 5.


Series 2[]

In Series 2 Episode 2, Derren and his gang are stealing cars, riding them round the estate then burning them out. Derren's gang steal Jamie Young's car, which unknown to Derren and his gang has Jamie's father Mike Young locked in the boot; Jamie had put Mike there after knocking his dad unconscious with a toaster during an argument. Jamie and his paternal brother Nathan Young resolve to finding the car before Derren can burn it out, burning their father alive. The two are able to find him and two of his associates, and they devise a plan to get their car back. Nathan approaches Derren and company and asks if they're in business; Derren believes he's interested in buying drugs but Nathan makes it clear he wishes to pay all three men for sex. They agree, and head to a concealed area where Derren intends to rob Nathan. Jamie retrieves the car and quickly rescues Nathan, who is being hit by Derren with a lead pipe, pulling him into the car and driving off as Derren smashes the windows of the car.

Series 5[]

Derren and his gang later appear in Series Episode 2, harassing a boy on the estate and threatening him with a knife. Alex and Finn approach them and decide to intervene, and Finn manages to scare them away by moving a shopping trolley with his Telekinesis. Unnoticed by any of them, the bullied boy flies away.


  • In Derren's second appearance on the show (S5E2), Charles Mnene is simply credited as a "youth" in the end credits.