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Emma is a woman with the power to cause accidents that only injure herself. She is first seen looking for Alex in the hospital not long after his lung transplant. Upon finding him, she begs him to have sex with her for unknown reasons.

Later on, she follows him back to his home and explains that the lung he was given used to belong to someone she knew called Neil, who had the power to remove powers from other people by having sexual intercourse with them. She asks Alex to have sex with her to get rid of her power, as it is a "nightmare." Alex doesn't believe that he has a power, and even after Emma shows him all of her scars and bruises, he still refuses to have sex with her.

Whilst walking through the estate, Alex sees Emma again and she begins to call out to him, however, she is hit by a car because of her power, which results in her being put in hospital. Alex later visits her and agrees to have sex with her, successfully removing her power.



  • Alex talks about Emma later in Episode 7 after accidentally giving her power to Sarah. He tells Sarah:
    "There was a girl who I used to know. Emma. And she was like you. She was a good person who just got the wrong power. She was accident prone. Wasn't her fault. Bad things used to happen to her."


  • It's unknown why Emma gained this particular power. It's possible that she may be naturally accident prone and that her power increased it exponentially.