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Empathic Tattooing is the power to tattoo people which affects their emotions and how they think and feel.


  • Vince is the only character to have displayed this ability.


Vince shows that he is capable of tattooing on people without physical touch. He first tattoos Nathan, putting a tattoo of Simon's name within a heart, then making Nathan believe that he is in love with Simon. When confronted later, he then tattoos Kelly, leaving her with his name in a heart on her back, this then causes her to believe that she is in-love with Vince. When Vince is up against the rest of the Misfits, he begins to show the dangerous aspect of his ability, by tattooing Curtis with a knife going into his stomach, causing him to bleed and tattooing Simon with barbed wire around his neck, causing him to choke. (episode three)