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Episode 1 is the first and episode of Misfits. It aired on November 12, 2009.

The episode primarily focuses on Kelly Bailey and her discovery of her own and the gang’s powers


Six young offenders arrive at the Wertham Community Centre to begin their community service. A few hours into the session, a strange storm hits, hitting five of them with lightning and giving them strange new powers. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones affected, as they soon discover.


Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Gary are a group of misfits. They have nothing in common except the 'Community Payback' scheme they've been given at their local community centre, for various crimes and misdemeanours. When the group gets caught in a freak storm on their first day, everyone but Nathan discovers they have superpowers.

Kelly is the first to discover she has developed an ability, followed by Simon, Curtis and Alisha. Nathan is shocked to find that he is the only one who does not appear to have developed a power. The storm also affects their probation worker, Tony, mutating him to have super strength and a powerful hatred for the "ASBO scum" he supervises. He brutally murders Gary with an axe and tries to kill the other misfits. He kills Kelly, but Curtis discovers his ability when he unwittingly rewinds time to a few moments before Tony kills her.

This time, Kelly knocks a crazed Tony to the floor with a paint can, and when he tries to recover, she kills him in self-defence. The group think the police will not believe their story and to vocer up the crime they decide to bury Gary and Tony's bodies under a nearby flyover. Gary and Tony are the first two to die (Kelly's death is 'undone' by Curtis' power) that we know of after the freak storm has given power to some in the community.



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  • The closing scene begins the show's tradition of the gang standing on the roof of the community centre, reflecting on the events of the episode and looking out over Wertham.
  • Kelly kills somebody for the first time. She is the first of the gang to do so.


  • Alisha mentions her friends Chloe, Lucy and Emma during the story of the infamous bottle scene at the community centre. Antonia Thomas' sisters are named Chloe-Lucy and Emma Thomas.[citation needed]
  • The actors in the hailstorm scene had real ice balls thrown at them. Their screams of shock are real.
  • The visual effect used to show Simon's invisibility was inspired by Edvard Munch's "The Scream."
  • Some of the friends Nathan calls while looking for a place to crash include Adam, Billy, Liz and Pauly (aka "Pauly Boy", "The Paulmeister").
  • This is the only time Kelly is seen reading Alisha's mind.