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Episode 3 is the third episode of Series 5 and the 32nd episode of Misfits overall.


Abbey is convinced she has finally met her soulmate in Laura until childhood memories return to haunt her, unleashing a terrifying force. Upon entering a lesbian relationship with Laura, the two become tightly bonded and are unable to explain why they have suddenly altered their sexual preferences. In bed together after cunnilingus, Abbey notices Laura's toy monkey on her shelf and starts recalling memories previously unknown to her.

Finn is in an awkward position when it becomes clear that Greg, the probation worker, has a crush on him. After a beautiful duet on the piano of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Greg's sexual advances to Finn escalate in tension. While searching for the final superhero on his woolly jumper, who appears to be flying, Rudy's Two meets Sam at the Power Support Group.