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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Misfits.

The episode primarily focuses on Curtis Donovan and how his choices effect everyone else.


Curtis tries to use his superpower to go back to the past and change what happened the night he was caught by the cops, but he discovers that changing history isn't as easy as he thought. Elsewhere, Sally, the gang's probation worker, discovers Tony's credit card in Simon's locker, and is now convinced that the gang are involved in his disappearance.


Curtis is confronted by his ex-girlfriend Samantha (Sam), who accuses him of having ruined her life after the two of them were caught with cocaine at a local disco and failing to visit her when she went to jail for six months. Curtis' superpower causes him to turn back time, though his first attempt at changing the past avoids the drug bust but ends with Sam being stabbed by the drug dealer.

His second attempt at changing the past avoids all disastrous consequences that night and revives his Olympic dreams. However, after his power allows him to jump back to the revised present he finds that the other ASBOs (excepting Nathan who explains that he was found only half dead) were murdered by Tony.

Curtis realises this occurred because he was not there to save them[1], forcing him to change history once again to prevent anyone dying. This time he saves Sam by taking all the drugs from her and disposing of them before the police arrive, keeping a small amount in his possession so he will still do community service and be there for the gang.

As a consequence, when he jumps back to a newly revised present, Sam was never imprisoned and they are still in a relationship—suddenly introducing a twist to his budding relationship with Alisha. The episode ends with Sally searching their lockers and finding Tony's credit card in Simon's jeans pocket. We also learn, in the course of Curtis' time jumping, that Nathan was arrested at a bowling alley for stealing a few sweets from a Pic 'n' Mix bin, creating a disturbance when the manager, Beverly, tried to detain him and then, after refusing the aid of his estranged father, stapling Bev's hand.




  • This episode is Curtis-centric, although we do gain some insight to the pre-storm background story of all the characters, including Tony and Sally, who all unknowingly interacted at the bowling alley and adjacent disco the night of Curtis' arrest.
  • The episode was given mixed reviews by critics but one of the most used was that the episode was overall confusing and a waste of time. 
  • While in the alternate timeline where Kelly, Simon and Alisha all died at the hands of Tony with Nathan surviving and being found "half-dead" by the paramedics, this hints his immortality as it isn't revealed up until the end of the first series.