Episode 4
618w misfits s03 e04 1

Centric character
Air date
20th November 2011
46 mins, 57 sec
Written by
Howard Overman
Directed by
Wayne Che Yip
and Alex Garcia Lopez

Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Series 3 and the 17th episode of Misfits overall.

The episode primarily focuses on Kelly Bailey in an alternative timeline and on her growing relationship with power-dealer Seth.

Synopsis Edit

An old Jewish man named Friedrich plans to use Curtis's old time-rewind super-power to go back in time and kill Hitler. But his plan goes horribly wrong and the gang find themselves in an alternative timeline where the Nazis conquered Britain. With the Nazis growing stronger as they force Seth to 'deal' them super-powers, it's up to Kelly and the resistance to fight back. As the Nazis close in, Kelly and Seth find themselves drawn to each other.

Plot Edit

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Continuity Edit

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