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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Series 3 and the 17th episode of Misfits overall.

The episode primarily focuses on Kelly Bailey in an alternative timeline and on her growing relationship with power-dealer Seth.


An old Jewish man named Friedrich plans to use Curtis's old time-rewind super-power to go back in time and kill Hitler. But his plan goes horribly wrong and the gang find themselves in an alternative timeline where the Nazis conquered Britain. With the Nazis growing stronger as they force Seth to 'deal' them super-powers, it's up to Kelly and the resistance to fight back. As the Nazis close in, Kelly and Seth find themselves drawn to each other.


Frederich goes back in time as an attempt to kill Hitler, but is easily overpowered by him. Hitler then discovers a mobile phone Frederich has brought back with him.

Frederich then time travels into the present, which has been overrun by the fascist Nazi regime; there is a large Hitler statue, armed guards around, and the Misfits are wearing large swastikas on their jumpsuits. Simon is a Nazi and Shaun is seeking a relationship with Alisha, who is a nurse. Seth is being used by the Nazis to rid people of their powers. Previous people with powers seen on the show are tracked down and had their powers removed from them, with Peter getting killed as he attempts to run.

Curtis and Kelly conspire to kill Seth to stop the Nazis from ridding the world of powers, and Simon is almost caught taking antibiotics to give to an injured prisoner. Rudy finds Curtis, and asks if he is a member of 'the Resistance.' An imposing man who introduces himself as Captain Smith arrives at the facility, and forces Seth to give him the power of cold, whom he uses to murder Gary, who is alive due to Tony not being present in this alternative universe.

Alisha and Simon meet up, and discuss how they are surviving under this regime, clearly both uncomfortable with what is transpiring.

Kelly goes to give Seth his poisoned food, but discovers that he is attempting to commit suicide. Simon and her save his life, and Curtis gets angry with Kelly for saving his life. Kelly points out that Seth's suicide attempt means that he is not comfortable with the Nazis using him.

Captain Smith and Shaun are ambushed in a convoy by the Misfits as they are taking Seth to a different facility, who kill all the men except Shaun, who bails, and Captain Smith.

Captain Smith suspects Alisha of tipping the Misfits off, but Shaun vouches for her stupidity, and says she isn't smart enough to do something like that. The estate is searched for Seth, who is being hidden by Curtis and Kelly. It is revealed the prisoner Simon has been secretly caring for is Frederich. Curtis' bar is raided, and Shaun discovers Seth hiding in the floor. Frederich's letter is found by Shaun, who reads it, as Frederich explains to a re-imprisoned Seth how the technology in his phone helped the Nazis win the war.

Frederich offers Seth his time travel power, which he takes, as Smith, Sean, and Simon watch. Smith orders Simon to shoot Seth, as he holds the power to reverse the timeline, but Simon refuses, and instead Frederich is shot. Smith forces Seth to put the power in Curtis, and immediately kills him. Simon and Alisha 'begin' a romantic relationship.

Kelly breaks into the prison and is assisted by Alisha and Simon, but the gang are ambushed by Smith and his soldiers, Kelly distracts them and a gunfight ensues, in which Seth is shot, and he reveals he faked giving Curtis the time travel power. He kisses Kelly, giving her the power, and tells her to "get the phone." She travels back and does so successfully.

Kelly visits Seth, telling him about the alternative history and making him promise if she gives him the time travel power, he won't give it to anyone else due to how it can be used.