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Episode 6 is the sixth episode of Series 3 and the 19th episode of Misfits overall.

The episode primarily focuses on Rudy Wade and on his intimacy issues.


After a drunken one-night-stand with a mysterious girl Rudy discovers that he has a strange superpower STD. With only 24 hours to undo the curse, Rudy enlists Simon to help him find the girl. Meanwhile, something weird is happening with Curtis' gender-swap power. And Seth finally finds the superpower that he's been searching for.


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  • David Ajala is credited as a private investigator, but he seems more like someone involved in drug/power dealing.
    • He is probably a private investigator paid by Seth to find someone with a resurrection power.


  • This is the second time a main character has caught an STD in Misfits, the first to do so was Nathan in Episode 6 (Series 2).
  • Curtis' lactose intolerance (first mentioned in Episode 6 (Series 2)) is referenced again, as he gets an ice lolly instead of an ice cream from the ice cream van.
  • This is the second time one of the Misfits has gotten rid of their power for a reason other than money, the first to do so was Alisha in Episode 7 (Series 2).
  • With the removal of Curtis' current power, this is Melissa's last appearance.
  • This is the only time Simon uses his power twice.