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Misfits Erazer's World

The gang in Erazer's world.

Erazer's World was a parallel world, created by Erazer, using his power of Realistic Graffiti Creation. It is identical to the regular world, only it's full of Erazer's graffiti.


The world is accessed by drawing a door or any other type of portal on a flat surface and causing it to manifest as a three-dimensional portal through the Realistic Graffiti Creation power. Once formed, anyone can enter the world through the portal as long as they pass through before it closes, as it returns to its two-dimensional form upon closing. Graffiti creations made by Erazer in his world cannot exit it through one of these portals, as evidenced when Suzy is unable to follow Rudy and the other Misfits back into the real world.


After Erazer and the gang leave his world, they use turpentine to destroy the drawing of the door they used to access it. This apparently destroyed the world, and Suzy along with it, but it is possible that now that Suzy knows the truth about her existence, Erazer is simply unwilling to face her again, and with that portal destroyed, the world would be functionally non-existent as there would be no way to access it.

Differences from the real world[]

  • The Community Centre and most likely the whole estate are covered in Erazer's graffiti. In the real world, they are not.
  • Suzy is a being created by Erazer's power and is thus trapped inside Erazer's World. In the real world, Suzy is a real person who broke up with Erazer and in whose image the fake Suzy was created.