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Erazer is the second online mini-episode of Misfits. It premiered on 4OD on 4 December 2011 immediately after the airing of Episode 6 (Series 3). The episode is based a character known as 'Erazer', a name that had, before this episode, only been seen in graffiti. The graffiti was frequently discussed between the Misfits characters on Twitter, and can be seen in the show itself and in the Misfits Community Service App.


The gang finally discover the identity of the mysterious Erazer character who has been tagging the estate.


Rudy goes to pee and spots Erazer doing some graffiti. Whilst running forward to stop him, Erazer graffitis a black circle on the floor, which Rudy falls through. The rest of the gang see Erazer and chase him until he graffitis a door on a wall, and they follow him through.

Once through the hole, Rudy meets a girl and they hide from Erazer, showing obvious affection for each other. The rest of the gang go looking for Rudy in this new world, where Erazer creates several animations to slow them down (a dog, prison bars, ect).

When the gang eventually get to Rudy, they find out that the girl was just another animation created by Erazer, and she cannot leave that world.