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Flash-Forward is a reversed power that allows the user to move forward through time.


Curtis's eye at the moment his ability is reversed


  • Curtis displays this ability when his original ability which is to go back in time was reversed by taking the drug in the nightclub.


In Episode 2 (Series 2), Curtis' power is reversed when he takes drugs from Nathan's brother, Jamie. He flashes forward and appears on a building dressed as a super hero, when an unknown girl comes up behind him, takes her dress off and begins to kiss him. He backs away, and is then sent back to the present. (The moment he is forwarded to is from Episode 5 (Series 2))

Plot Hole[]

Strangely, despite being shown to inhabit his future body with no prior knowledge of what led to him being there or Nikki, when the event is shown in the fifth episode of the second series Curtis wasn't possessed by his younger self. Logically it is impossible for Curtis to have flash-forwarded to an alternate future, as the only reason he knew to wait on the roof for Nikki or even pursue a relationship with Nikki was because he flash-forwarded.

Similar Powers[]

  • Foresight - The power to see the changeable imminent future of a course of events.
  • Time Jumping - The power to send someone forwards or backward through time.