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Foresight is the power to flawlessly predict the exact futures, observe what will happen, and possess knowledge and insight of the events to come, with no mistakes and 100% certainty. User intuitively understands; what is going to happen and how to deal with it. Automatically deducing the path leading to any future, allowing them to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute certainty and efficiency, making the most optimal decision in any scenario/situation. 

Simon may not always be able to control when he activates the power, as in Episode 6 (Series 3) and Episode 8 (Series 3) he sees into the future without any warning and doesn't seem to purposely activate it.


  • Simon is the only character to have displayed this power, however, he purchased it from Seth, meaning more than one person could have used it before him.


Simon was only seen using this power three times throughout Series 3. (Although, he tweeted about using it once, and he probably used it in the past after traveling back in time.)

He has used the power purposely to see whether or not he could make a jump between two buildings when in training to become Superhoodie (Episode 1 (Series 3)), and it has been used twice uncontrollably to see Rudy's penis falling off (Episode 6 (Series 3)) and him kissing with Sally's spirit, who then takes her shirt off. (Episode 8 (Series 3))

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  • In an interview with Den of Geek, Iwan Rheon commented that he thought Simon's new power was "pants", and his old power of Invisibility was "a lot better than the new one".

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