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Freaks! Is an Italian live action TV series which was inspired by Misfits, and bears some similarities to the British series. The series lasted two seasons and only had the basic premise of Misfits: five young adults gain superpowers due to a freak event.


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • Giulia Croce as Julia Cross:
  • Guglielmo Scilla as Marco Diana:
  • Andrew Poggioli as Andrea Tarantini:
  • Claudio Di Biagio as Silvio Bolla:
  • Claudia Genoloni as Viola Cesa de Castaldo:
  • Giampaolo Speziale as Gabriele Moldi:

Connection to Misfits[]

Freaks! Is based around the specific premise of five young adults getting superpowers. While the characters are rather similar to their British equivalents, there are a number of differences between the shows. For instance, the misfits gained their powers from a strange storm, while the freaks gained their powers after a car crash caused them all to black out and awaken four months later. Also, the powers in Freaks! don't reflect the the personality of the character. Another obvious difference is that the Italian characters aren't doing community service.

At first, it was unclear if there was a connection between the two shows beyond basic similarities. However, the first episode of the second season featured an alternate universe of the British version, as it is a tribute to the series. This alternate world had characters based on the originals in the same location, through some of those speaking evidently had Italian accents, and had them killed by a mysterious being with incredible powers over reality, as well as the powers of: telekinesis, invisibility, the power to kill immortals and the power of multiplication.

For instance Abbie, the only named character, was based on Kelly due to having the same power of telepathy and speaking in a similar way. The only other speaking characters, though unnamed, are evidently based on Simon and Nathan due to personality and powers. Another character was based on Curtis , due to being told to turn back time, and the remaining female character is assumed to be based on Alisha. The group was killed by the mysterious being one by one, portraying incredible abilities. He first killed the alternate versions of Alisha and Simon before moving onto Curtis' equivalent, preventing him from turning back time. He then killed Nathan's equivalent, despite being immortal, and then finished the gang by killing Abbie. The appearance of this gang suggests that the two shows exist alongside each other in a multiverse, or that Freaks! takes place in the same universe as Misfits.