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Gender Swap or Gender Alteration is the ability to change into a different physical sex.


  • Curtis is the only character to have displayed this ability. Since he bought it from Seth, the original owner who gained it in the Storm remains unknown.


Curtis is able to transform into a female version of himself, named Melissa, giving him access to all the biological features of a female-bodied person. Unlike Shapeshifting, Curtis can switch between his male and female selves quickly without pain. Examples of how he used this power include:

  • Avoiding arrest by changing form when being chased into dead end by a police officer.
  • Joining the women's track team as Melissa, thus getting around his punishment. However, he abandoned it after almost being raped by the team's coach.
  • Curtis used this power when masturbating, finding the female orgasm to be more enjoyable. This resulted in him impregnating himself by using the same tissue he used to wipe himself as male in female form. Due to his pregnancy, Curtis became "stuck" in Melissa's form. Not willing to be a mother, Curtis agreed to help Seth resurrect his dead girlfriend in order to get rid of this power.

Similar Powers[]

  • A similar power to this is Shapeshifting however its user can take any form and is not limited to physical sex.


  • It's possible the original user of this ability was either transgender or enjoyed crossdressing.
  • This is the only one of Curtis' power that could still exist.
  • If, as Melissa, Curtis went ahead with his pregnancy, the child would be an exact clone of either his male or female form.