Genital Erosion
3x6 Genital Erosion Power
Gradually erodes the genitals of the victim
Inverse power

Genital Erosion is the ability to cause someone's genitals to slowly erode away.

Characters Edit

  • Leah is the only character to have displayed this power.

Usage Edit

Before having sex with her, Leah made Rudy promise to call her after they had finished, so that it didn't end up as another one night stand. After having sex with her and starting to get ready to leave, Rudy tells Leah that he lied and he isn't going to call her, so she quickly uses her power on him. After discovering what she has done to him, Rudy searches everywhere for her to try and make her reverse the power. She does so, and they then forgive each other.

Leah has the ability to reverse the affects of the power. It is also possible that she can affect other parts of the body besides the genitals but due to this never being seen on screen it is unknown.


  • According to the official book Misfits book, the name of Leah's power is Genital Purification.
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