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Geoff is Rudy's father and was given the same power as him in the Storm. One half is a kind, friendly and honest father figure who is loyal to his wife. Dark Geoff, the other half, is the complete opposite. He is a bullying, short tempered conman who has cheated on his wife on more times than could be counted.

The two halves made a deal; if they stayed out of each others' way, Dark Geoff would not interfere with Geoff's life. However, when Geoff empties his duplicate's bank acount to return stolen money to Tina, Dark Geoff's girlfriend, Dark Geoff knocks him out and locks him in the trunk of his car.

As Jess comes to visit Rudy she notices a strange sound coming from a nearby vehicle. Using her power, she discovers Geoff is tied up in the boot of his own car. After Rudy, Geoff, Pat and Jess confront Dark Geoff, they make him move away and never interfere with them again.

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