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Hayley is a woman who appeared in Episode 6 (Series 5). She possesses the power of Cursing. She was first seen looking upset whilst trying to use a stick to get something out of the lake near the Community Centre. Alex happens to walk by whilst she is doing this and she asks for his help to get her keys out of the lake. When he initially refuses due to not wanting to ruin his new jeans, she adds that she has a phobia of water and that she cannot swim. He retorts by saying it's only two feet deep and that she can do it herself, before walking away.

Later on, she storms into the bar where Alex is working, soaking wet. She angrily tells him she got her keys before claiming to have put a "gypsy curse" on him. Alex is skeptical and when she asks for a lift home, he refuses. He then has a coughing fit and spits out algae. Hayley smugly explains that every time he refuses to help someone and/or do the right thing, he will experience the sensation as if he is drowning. She then quickly leaves.

After Ben commits suicide in front of Alex, he goes to her flat and demands she take off the curse. She does not answer the door but listens quietly as Alex apologises. She appears not do anything and Alex leaves.

Later she returns to the bar. Alex tells her that he is sorry and that he has learnt his lesson and been doing good things so she will remove the curse. She then tells him that she already had when he came to her flat. She says that she won't put it back on only if Alex gives her two bottles of white wine. After he does, he offers to buy her a drink. She tells him that she's a lesbian before saying goodbye and leaving.