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Invisibility gives users the ability not only to make themselves transparent but also to make them completely inaudible. The effect is extended to anything the user picks up, allowing them to steal small objects with ease.


  • Simon is the only character to have displayed this ability. His power developed by his personality of being shy and others ignoring him. He had this power until he gave it up.


Whenever Simon uses his power, his hands and head shake at superhuman speed, and his mouth is open in pain. He does not actually go invisible, he just stops people from consciously noticing he is there. In Episode Three, he seems to be losing control of his power, as he is seen turning invisible against his will. But in Episode Five, he has a greater proficiency and skill with his power. It seems that Simon's form of invisibility works on people's ability to consciously notice him rather than optics. This is shown when others cannot even hear him whilst he is invisible. The effect aparently has a limited effect on Simon himself as he can't see his reflection while invisible.

When Simon first developed the ability it was unconsciously triggered whenever he felt isolated and alone, but he very quickly developed the skill to turn it on and off at will (although at first he was unable to use it while people were watching him). The ease with which he did this also changed - at first activating the power caused his body to vibrate painfully, causing him to fall to the floor; by Episode 6, however, he was able to go invisible smoothly while walking.

Simon gave up his invisibility to Seth, and it is unknown what happened to it after that but it is sold before Simon tries to get it back.

An invisibility user who takes ecstasy will find their powers inverting into Desirability. This suggests that invisibility does not function by bending light-waves around the subject, but by manipulating perception so that people do not consciously register the subject's presence. This suggests that invisibility in the series is more like the concept of the 'Somebody Else's Problem' field in The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Similar Powers[]

  • Camouflage - the ability to blend in with the surface of any object or material.