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Jake was one of Lola's many boyfriends and subsequently victims. Before starting a relationship with Jake, Lola was dating a loan shark. She moved on from the loan shark and started to see Jake, then manipulated him into thinking that the loan shark was stalking and hurting her. This prompted Jake to threaten the loan shark to leave Lola alone, and somehow resulted in Jake stabbing and unintentionally killing him.

After doing this, Lola left Jake and moved on to her next relationship with Curtis. She then proceeded to manipulate Curtis like she had Jake, convincing him that Jake was stalking her and planning to hurt her. Curtis breaks into Jake's flat and threatens him with a revolver pistol, however, Jake attacks Curtis and in the ensuing struggle, ends up getting himself shot in the stomach.

Curtis later returns to the scene of the murder, where he also joined by Jess, Rudy and Finn. He tells them he is going to use his power to resurrect Jake and question him about Lola, as she hasn't been talking to him or responding to his phone calls. He warns them that Jake will be a zombie upon resurrection, so they elect Finn to club him in the head with a rolling pin in case anything goes wrong.

Curtis resurrects Jake and manages to find out about his history with Lola, plus where she lives. Jake, however, is unable to control his zombie urges, and goes to attack the gang. In the panic, Finn swings the rolling pin into the air and accidentally smashes the light, plunging them into the darkness. Jake then dives on Rudy, but is pushed off and quickly beaten to death by Finn.

It is later revealed that Jake managed to bite Curtis when they were in the dark, infecting him and turning him into a zombie.