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Kevin was a young man who suffered from leukemia. He was first seen in the Community Centre with many other young terminally ill people.

Ben tells Finn that he fakes having a terminal illness as a method of getting women to like him, leading Finn to later ask Kevin if his luekemia "goes down well with the ladies." Kevin tells Finn that he is "sick" and walks away in disgust.

Later on, Finn is extremely depressed and has lost the will to live due to the effect of Lucas' power, leading the other members of the gang to try and find the person responsible for making him like this. Jess remembers seeing Finn talking to one of the terminally ill people, so she, Rudy and Alex kidnap Kevin and tie him up in the Community Centre storeroom, not realising that he is the wrong suspect.

Just as Alex is about to use his power on Kevin, Karen enters the storeroom and tells them that they have the wrong person, and that she knows where the real suspect is.