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Laura is a girl who lost her scarf in the bar on the estate. Abbey is attracted to the scarf and spends all of her time wearing it and smelling it, curious as to who it belongs to. Eventually, Abbey finds Laura in the bar and realises who the scarf belongs to, returning it to her and complimenting her on how nice she smells. Laura seems disturbed and confused by Abbey's odd behaviour at first, but once Abbey explains that she lost her memory in "that weird, freak storm," Laura becomes more comfortable around her and allows her to smell her arm.

Laura and Abbey begin a relationship when asked by her ex-boyfriend, Rob, if she's a lesbian now she disagrees stating that 'It's just her.' Abbey spots Lauras' stuffed toy from when she was a child and begins to get flashbacks of her life including Scary. Abbey confronts Laura on this believing the two of them were friends as children but Laura tells her the only person that knew about Scary was her imaginary friend Abbey, they both then realise that the storm had caused Laura to have the power to create imaginary constructs and Abbey herself was created by this power. Laura becomes increasingly distressed and returns to her ex-boyfriend and refuses to see Abbey. Abbey breaks into her house and attempts to reconcile with Laura, but accidentally cuts her during a struggle.

Laura begins to look through her old childhood drawings of Scary causing him to become real, he attacks her ex-boyfriend and begins to terrorise Laura herself. Scary then attacks Abbey and Laura before Abbey kills him by stabbing him with a swing tennis pole.

Laura does not realise she has a power until almost a year after the Storm, and is the only known character who does not realise she has a power for a considerable length of time.