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Leah was a girl with the power of Genital Erosion.


Her backstory is unknown, but she is likely to have had several unintended one-night stands that ended up too early for her, and made her feel she was merely a sex object for the men she has slept with. The storm gave her the ability to take revenge upon them.

She first appears at a party where Rudy dredges her (he also tried with two other girls but Leah is the only one to give in) and takes her to a bedroom. Before they have sex, she asks him if he isn't a guy interested only in one-night stands, which he swears. After sex, however, he intends to leave without changing numbers, or even names. Leah touches his groin, giving him a sort of STD (resulting in his penis to turn black and almost fall off/ erode).

After searching all day, Rudy, finally finds Leah at a party, but she's still too mad at him to cure him. Rudy then interrupts the party and publicly apologises to her, and to all girls he slept with only for sex. She reluctantly forgives him and removes the curse. When Rudy begins to proposition her for a reconciliatory drink, she graciously (but sardonically) declines and leaves.


  • Leah's power reflects how she wants revenge on the men leaving her after one night stands, using her only for sex.