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Known Original Powers[]

Image Name Description Users Reflection
Accident causation.png Accident Causation Causes a string of random accidents to the user. Emma

Sarah (gained from Alex)

C3F4C7F7-8584-4888-BC74-15C98CE15504 extra.jpg Age Regression Reverts the user to a younger age. Ruth Her desire to be young again.
Ageswap.png Age Exchange The user can switch ages with another person. Len His desire to be young again.
Bald kelly.jpg Alopecia Projection The user can temporarily inflict alopecia on others. Jodie Jodie's own insecurities due to her actual alopecia.
Misfits Erazer Graffiti Dog.jpg Animation The user can bring graffiti art into reality. Erazer His affinity with graffiti art.
400px-Berserker rage.jpg Berserker Rage Compels the user into fits of enormous rage and superhuman strength. Tony His anger issues.
Body hijack.png Body Hijacking The user can take control of other people's bodies by calling them. Leah Her affinity with computers and fear of leaving her own home.
Vlcsnap-2011-10-31-11h12m38s208.png Body Immobilization Immobilizes all people within the user's proximity. Tanya Due to her boyfriend planting drugs in her bag and her not having "enough time" to stop him.
Body Part Swapping Users can swap certain body parts with another. James His desire to find a penis for himself.
Misfits Episode 5 (Series 3) Kelly and Jen Swapping Bodies.jpg Body Swap The user can swap bodies with another person by touching them. Jen Her desire to leave her comatose body.
Camouflage.jpg Camouflage User can completely blend in with their surroundings. Karen Her shyness.
Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance The user can flawlessly view the world around them with their mind. Alisha (bought from Seth) ?
Closet-portation.png Closet-portation The user teleports to the nearest closet whenever they deny their sexuality. Stuart His inability to come to terms with his sexuality.
Communing.png Communing The user can summon the ghosts of deceased people. Jonas His occupation as a stage psychic.
Lily ice.jpg Cryokinesis The user can reduce the temperature of matter causing it to freeze and generate ice. Lily

Captain Smith (taken from Seth; alternate universe)

Lily's frigid nature towards intimacy.
Gypsy curse.jpg Cursing The user can place gypsy curses on others. Hayley ?
MISFITS 4 EPISODE 8 HAL SHINNIE 031 595 SpoilerTV Watermark Large.jpg Deity Summoning The user can inadvertently summon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when exposed to cruel or violent activity. Nadine Her deep religious beliefs.
Electrokinesis.png Electrokinesis The user to generate and manipulate electricity and project electricity from their body. Helen Her job as an electrician.
Vince.jpg Empathic Tattooing The user can psychically give others tattoos and influence them with it. Vince His affinity with tattoos.
Vlcsnap-2011-10-31-15h54m23s75.png Emotional Duplication The user creates duplicates representing repressed emotions. Rudy


Born out of a split-personality disorder.
Enhanced strength.png Invincibility The user gains invulnerability and can exert greater than normal physical force as needed. Seth's Bodyguard ?
Flight2.png Flight The user can defy gravity and fly through the air unsupported. Sam His lifelong challenge of having to flee from bullies.
Misfits Series 3 Simon Using Foresight.png Foresight The user flawlessly predict the future and adapt to it. Simon (bought from Seth) ?
Peter's Power.jpg Future Illustration The user can create and manipulate future events by drawing them. Peter His affinity for comic books and graphic novels.
Vlcsnap-2011-10-31-21h41m38s199.png Gender Swap The user can change their body to the opposite sex. Curtis (bought from Seth) ?
Misfits Genital Erosion.jpg Genital Erosion The user can cause a person's genitals to slowly erode through touch. Leah Her hatred of men that use women for sex.
Misfits-series-four-six-foot-rabbit-600x571.jpg Hallucination Projection Brings into reality whatever the user hallucinates. Richard Saunders His drug addiction.
Healing.jpg Healing The user can heal other people's ailments and injuries by rubbing the problem area. Daisy Her desire to help people and the world.
Human Bruno.jpg Human Mimicry The user will assume the physiology of a human. Bruno

Mark (reversed)

His desire to be human.
Hypnotic Breasts.jpg Hypnotic Breasts Grants the user's breasts hypnotic properties. Sarah ?
Scary.png Imagination Manifestation Brings the user's imagination into reality. Laura Her own imaginary figures as a child.
Immortality.png Immortality The user has an eternal youth and life, never; die, gets sick, age, and can shrug off any kind of damage, an infinite lifespan, completely heal and resurrect Nathan His inability to be affected emotionally by others.
Immunity.png Immunity The user is immune to the effects of other people's powers. Simon (bought from Seth) ?
AntoniaThomas2.jpg Instant Sexual Arousal The user can instantly make others go into a sexual frenzy and provide ultimate pleasure by touching them. Alisha

Elliot (bought from Seth)

Her promiscuity.
Simon invisible.jpg Invisibility Can make the user turn invisible and inaudible. Simon His shyness.
Lacto.jpg Lactokinesis The user can manipulate dairy-based products. Brian His job as a coffee clerk.
Lifeabsorption.png Life Absorption The user can drain another person's life force through touch. Lucas His desire to keep living.
Life preservation.png Life Preservation The user can keep dying people alive by touching them. Grace Her desire to keep her father alive.
Dead brother.jpg Mediumship The user can see the ghosts of the recently deceased. Nathan His return to life
Vlcsnap-2012-11-08-20h55m27s105.png Mind Control The user can control other people's actions and make them subservient. Sadie Her controlling nature of her boyfriend.
Mark insideout.jpg Object Inversion The user can turn people and objects inside-out. Chloe

Sarah (gained from Alex)

Simon time travel.png One-Way Time Travel The user can travel to any point in the past, but can't return to the present. James (bought from Seth)

Simon (given from Seth)

Tortoisemimicry.png Permanent Tortoise Mimicry The user permanently assumes the physiology of a tortoise. Mark ?
Lola.png Personality Rewrite The user's personality is entirely rewritten into a fictional entity. Debbie Her own fictional character, "Lola".
Alexremovesex.png Power Removal The user can remove other people's powers through sexual intercourse. Neil

Alex (gained from lung transplant)

Power dealing.jpg Power Transferral The user can take and transfer other people's powers. Seth His previous job as a drug dealer.
Precognitivecrafting.png Precognitive Crafting The user can knit future events. Maggie Her affinity with knitting.
Protective rage.jpg Protective Rage Compels the user into fits of murderous rage whenever they believe their loved one is threatened. Dave His over-protectiveness of his daughter.
Misfits-407-Abbey.jpg Pregnancy Transfer The user can transfer their unborn child as well as their pregnant state into the body of another and back. Tara Her fears of becoming a mother.
Flower magic.PNG Reality Warping The user can alter reality to some extent. Nathan (bought from Seth) ?
Finn2.jpg Relationship Manipulation The user can compel others to act as their father. Finn His desire for a father.
Resurrection.png Resurrection The user can bring people back from the dead, making them zombies however. Curtis (given by Seth) ?
Finnsatanicconversion.png Satanic Conversion Makes the user the agent of Satan; allowing he/she to ally other people into their cause. Keith

Finn (converted by Keith))
Sarah (gained from Alex)

Sexualpartnercount.png Sexual Partner Count The user can make anyone within a close proximity bear the number of their sexual partners on their forehead. Craig His attentiveness over people's sex lives.
Shapeshifting.jpg Shapeshifting The user can alter their own appearance, body, shape, voice, etc. Lucy Her desire to be like others and envy of them.
Suggestion.jpg Suggestion The user can hypnotize others into obeying their spoken imperatives. Rachel Her disapproval of other people's lifestyles.
Vlcsnap-2011-10-31-11h42m27s184.png Technological Aptitude The user possesses a exceptionally high intellect in technology and electronics. Kelly (bought from Seth) ?
Telekinesisseries4.png Telekinesis The user can move/manipulate objects with the mind. Elliot (bought from Seth)


Finn's desire to impress others.
Barney.png Telepathic Connection The user can form a telepathic connection with another, allowing them to psychically send information with each other. Barney His bond with his owner.
Telepathic perception1.png Telepathy The user can hear other people's thoughts. Kelly Her insecurities about how people think of her.
Nikki teleporting.jpg Teleportation The user can instantly travel to a different location in space. Ollie

Nikki (gained from heart transplant)

Elliot (bought from Seth)

Ollie's desire to be somewhere else when he was arrested
Luke time power.png Time Jumping The user can "jump" to and from different events in time and take others with them. Luke ?
Time reversal.jpg Time Reversal The user can rewind time. Curtis

Friedrich (bought from Seth)
Kelly (given from Seth)
Iggy (given from Seth)

His deep regret over being caught possessing drugs.
Snapshot20111226221415.jpg Video Game Hallucinations Makes the user believe they're the protagonist of a video game. Tim His affinity with video games.
Misfits-4x01-finn-promo-02.jpg Violent Obsession Makes anyone who touches the user become violently obsessed with a certain briefcase full of money. Michael His greed over the money.
Virtualrealityconstruction.png Virtual Reality Construction The user can construct and virtual reality and transfer people's minds into it. Leah Her affinity with computers.
Water walking.jpg Water Walking The user can walk on a large body of water as if on solid ground. Elliot (bought from Seth) ?
Jessxray.png X-ray Vision The user can see through solid matter. Jess Her ability to "see" through other people.
Jeremy dog.jpg Zoanthropy Compels the user to act like a dog for periods at a time. Jeremy His close bond with his dog during his childhood.

Known Inverse Powers[]

Image Name Description Users Inverse Power
Blindness.jpg Blindness Renders the user totally blind. Jess X-ray Vision
Simon power reversed.jpg Desirability Makes the user cherished by others Simon Invisibility
Flash-forward-misfits.jpg Flash-Forward The user can travel forward in time. Curtis Time Reversal
Aaa.png Mortality Makes the user vulnerable to injury and death. Nathan Immortality
Powerbestowal.png Power Bestowal The user can grant other people powers via sexual intercourse. Alex Power Removal
Fire lily.jpg Pyrokinesis The user can increase the temperature of matter causing it to heat up, burn, melt or incinerate, and generate fire Lily Cryokinesis
Misfits202a.jpg Social Pariah Makes others treat the user with disgust and revulsion. Alisha Instant Sexual Arousal
Kelly truth.jpg Thought Verbalisation Makes the user state every thought beyond their control. Kelly Telepathy

Mentioned powers[]

  • Caffeination. Transferred from unnamed person to Seth and later bought by other unnamed person.
  • Excessive Ejaculation. Mentioned in Seth's twitter.
  • Vaporization. Mentioned in Seth's twitter.
  • Text Message Premonition. Mentioned in Seth's twitter.
  • Defenestration. Mentioned in Seth's twitter.
  • One-Hour Pregnancy. Mentioned in Seth's twitter.