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Louise is the ex-wife of Mike Young and mother of Nathan.


Louise was married to Mike when she gave birth to Nathan, but the two separated after a while. Nathan lived with Louise up until she met Jeremy, upon which the relationship became strained due to Nathan's attitude. After Nathan is arrested for theft, Louise regretfully kicks him out in hopes that he'll learn some responsibility. After returning from his first day of community service, Nathan notices that Louise has dumped his belongings outside the front door in bin bags, and has changed the lock. Louise tells him that she will not let him back in due to the amount of distress he has caused between her and Jeremy.

Nathan continues to occasionally visit Louise in the hope that she will forgive him and let him move back in. However, she returns home one day to find Nathan fighting with Jeremy in the kitchen. Louise admits to Nathan that she knows about Jeremy's unusual power but has accepted him nonetheless. Following this encounter, Nathan and Louise's relationship improves slightly, with Louise allowing him back in for visits and offers to do his laundry.

Louise is mentioned in Series 2, by Nathan, as he explains what happened after he came back from the dead. Apparently, she "face planted" (fainted) onto the radiator and there was blood and teeth everywhere. Nathan said she is fine, but her "face kinda put a downer on the whole thing".