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Marnie was a heavily pregnant Welsh girl who falls in love with Nathan.


Around Christmas time, Nathan meets Marnie at the Community Centre where he catches her smoking and warns her that could result in her baby being born a dwarf.


When she says she likes dwarfs in response, Nathan becomes interested and the two strike up a connection and then have sex. Though she does not know the identity of the father of her child, and Nathan is adamant about "being there" for Marnie and the baby, even giving her the money he receives from selling his power. After stopping Elliot. Marnie gives birth in the Community Centre, surrounded by Nathan's friends, who attempt to help her deliver the baby.


Marnie gives birth at the Community Centre

Afterwards, in a scene reminiscent of the Nativity of Jesus, Nathan leads the group in singing 'Little Donkey' to the baby before placing him in a manger, although he ruins the moment by stamping on the afterbirth in a panic after Marnie releases it, believing it be an alien. (Christmas Special)

Marnie named her baby Nathan Jr, after Nathan. Nathan stayed by her side and helped her to raise the baby. He took Marnie and Nathan Jr to Las Vegas, to earn money with his new power and eventually have a wedding. However, Nathan was arrested after he tried to scam a casino, leaving Marnie and Nathan Jr. (Vegas Baby!)

Marnie was last mentioned in Episode 1 (Series 3), as the gang was talking about her upcoming wedding with Nathan.