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The Misfits Community Service App is a free downloadable game available for the iPhone and Android Devices. The game revolves around the player (a new member of the Misfits gang) and follows a short storyline. The player completes minigames or 'tasks' for members of the Misfits gang or Shaun, and sometimes from an Unknown Caller.

The player has an area (a locker) where they can store items bought with in-game money and reputation. Items can also be bought with real life money. Other players can visit your locker to look at your collected items and earn reputation for themselves. Completeing a task can earn you money, reputation or ice cream. It is also possible to earn a scratch card which can win you any 3 of these items. Ice cream is used to recharge powers or advance the time taken to unlock the next task.

The player can also buy powers from Seth's Store that allow bonuses and enhancements during tasks or for general gameplay. The 5 Misfits also walk around the map and can wave at the screen to notify the player that they need help with a quick task. The player also recieves messages when a character needs their help with a task or need to tell them something important.