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Misfits is a British television series that began airing in 2009. It revolves around 5 teenage criminals, who get weird and unique superpowers during their community service via a freak lightning storm. The show observes the characters' development throughout the series and how they grow from self-obsessed young offenders into responsible adults.

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Resurrection is a power that grants the user the ability to bring someone back from the dead. Unfortunately, this power has a side effect, and those brought back eventually develop a craving for human flesh making them a zombie. This power works on both humans and animals. It was originally found in an unknown man, who was kidnapped for Seth. Seth then gave this power to Curtis in exchange for his Gender Swap power and him resurrecting Seth's deceased girlfriend Shannon.

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Misfits Wednesday, 10pm E4

Misfits Wednesday, 10pm E4

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  • Blechmaster

    Here is a question not asked often enough at what point did the show go wrong? Well lets start by pointing out what made the show great in season one, great characters, great powers anmd a great form…

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    Solo Comics Wiki

    February 9, 2014 by Grudge25

    Are you a fan of comic books? Have you ever wanted to create your own villains or heroes? Now you can! I have created Solo Comics Wiki, a Wiki where anyone can tribute! The link is here: [[1]]. Know …

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  • Grudge25

    I was thinking, which incarnation of the Misfits Gang is better. Personally I think the old Misfits Gang was much better, but some may disagree. Note that this is not a fight between them, it's just …

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