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Body Immobilization is the ability to mentally and physically paralyze individuals leaving them unaware until the immobilzation is removed.


  • Tanya is the only character to have displayed this ability.


Body Immobilization seems to only stop the victim's concious movements, and does not affect normal body processes. For example, when Tanya breaks the bottle over Rudy's head, he begins to bleed immediately. When Tanya forces Rudy to stab Charlie, Charlie seemed to begin bleeding when both characters were still frozen. Her power does not immobilize time, but rather biology: Inanimate objects seem to have their properties unaffected as well, as when Tanya immobilizes the people in the pub, the bartender was frozen in a position while he was pouring a drink for a customer. The dispenser continues and the glass begins to overflow.


  • Tanya froze everyone in the bar and smashed a glass bottle over Rudy's head.
  • Tanya froze Rudy and pushed him down some stairs. In this scene, although Simon, Kelly and Curtis were close to them, she was only able to freeze Rudy showing that she can only freeze victims she specifically attacks, or those she can see nearby.
  • Tanya froze two police officers and escaped from them.
  • Tanya froze Rudy and Charlie stabbed Charlie, and placed the knife in Rudy's hand to make it look like he had done it.
  • Tanya froze Rudy and Alisha framing them for suicide.


  • A user can only immobilize those that they notice/see, those that are unseen are still mobile.