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Ollie Banley becomes involved in the community payback scheme after vandalising a coal-fired power station over carbon emissions. He openly questions The Misfits Gang about their powers, and in doing so reveals that he too has a power; he can teleport. However, the rest of the group are unimpressed by his demonstration of this, as he only manages it through great effort and only gets a few feet behind them, though he claims to be capable of teleporting greater distances.

When he teleported he also left behind one of his flip-flops, suggesting some lack of skill. Later, when the group are out picking up litter, a deranged man named Tim, who believes he is in a violent video game, shoots and kills Ollie after he attempts to reason with him.


Ollie being shot in the head by Tim

Nathan sees Ollie's ghost, and they each insult each other. Ollie's heart is donated to Nikki, the girl whom Curtis met in his flash-forward, and the owner of the flat the Misfits broke into. Due to the transplant, Nikki inherits Ollie's power of. Shortly after Nikki recovers from her surgery she starts to teleport for the first time and ends up landing onto Ollie's dead body.

Misfits 2.4

Nikki lands onto Ollie's dead body after teleporting for the first time


  • Ollie displays hippie-like characteristics such as the peace sign badge, a rattail and flip flops. As well as this, he admits to being a keen environmentalist. This suggests that his power to teleport may stem from the desire to avoid damage to the environment; teleportation being an environmentally-friendly form of transport.
    • It may also reflect the fact that he wanted to escape when he was caught vandalising the power station.