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One-Way Time Travel is the power to travel back in time to any desired point, however, unlike Time Reversal, the user cannot return to the present and instead of appearing in their past-self, they appear as a duplicate whilst their past-self stays where they were at that time.


  • Seth got this power from an unknown holder and sold it to James, who wanted to travel back in time to become a pirate, but was then forced to return it so Simon could travel back in time to fulfil his destiny as Superhoodie. The power has presumably died with him.

Similar Powers[]

  • Time Reversal - The power to move back through time and change events that had occurred.


  • If Simon could have somehow got hold of the drugs Nathan's brother used to spike the gang in Episode 2 (Series 2), he may have been able to return to the present.
  • It is possible that because there is a power to travel to a point in the past, there may also be a power to travel to a point in the future.
  • It is also possible that the original owner of this power comes from the future, otherwise he couldn't know what his power was.