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Every year, the Misfits production releases a number of online short films as an addition to the main plot.

Series 1[]

Most of Series 1's online films are short videos that Simon filmed on his phone.

Title Synopsis Featuring


Simon is filming the lake until Nathan approaches him and accuses him to taking his drugs. Simon says he doesn't take drugs so Nathan wonders if any of the other misfits took them. Nathan, along with Simon who is filming, goes over to Kelly who is eating prawn cocktail-flavoured crisps which according to Nathan is strickly for the munchies. Nathan holds Kelly against her will and tells Simon to zoom into her eyes to see if they show signs of drug use, but Simon confirms that her eyes are normal. Nathan then confronts Curtis and Alisha who also don't have the drugs. Nathan asks Curtis to use his power to go back in time to see who took the drugs but Alisha informs him that Curtis can only trigger his power when he feels regret. Nathan then brings up Curtis' lost dream of competing in the Olympics, causing Curtis to push him away. As Nathan goes away to a secluded area to check his knee of any injuries, he discovers his drugs inside his sock. He then faces Simon and tells him to keep quiet about it.

"Girl Talk"


Girl Talk

An invisible Simon sneaks into the probation worker's office where he reads his file. Simon's attention is then brought to Alisha who stands by the office window, speaking to her friend on the phone. Kelly sits next to Alisha and Simon watches and films them from the office. Alisha ends her call and tells Kelly that she missed a good party the night before. At the party, Alisha's friend Jemma masturbated on a pool table in front of everyone which was put on Youtube by Chloe, leading to Jemma's boyfriend finding out. Kelly asks if Jemma's boyfriend then dumped her but Alisha tells her they are actually engaged. Kelly expresses her desire to have a romantic white wedding. As Alisha gets into detail of what Jemma did, Simon zooms the camera but stumbles, alerting Alisha and Kelly's attention and becoming visible again. The two girls enter the office and confront him. Alisha accuses Simon of perving on them and threatens to use her power on him.

"Area 51"


Area 51

An invisible Simon films Kelly while she is picking up litter. As Simon grows closer, Kelly notices his prescene by reading his mind. Inches away, Simon becames visible, to Kelly's surprise. The two sit together and Kelly tells him how she would rather have his power than hers, wanting to use the power to hitch an aeroplane and travel to a tropical island as opposed to hearing what people think of her. Simon suggests that she turn her power off but she says she can't. Simon then tells her about experiments in Area 51 to block Alien telepathy so they wouldn't give away secrets. Simon and Kelly then try to test this out. Simon fashions a helmet out of tin foil and films Kelly sitting on a bench wearing it to see if she can read the minds of any pass-byers. Kelly overhears the word Broadmore from one man and Simon tells her it's a prison for the mentally ill. Kelly then runs after the man and tackles him.

"Not Aquaman"


Not Aquaman

While filming, Simon catches Nathan with his head in a bucket of water. Nathan is seeing if he can breath underwater which turns out not to be the case. Knowing Simon's interest in comic books and superheroes, Nathan asks his assistance in finding what his power is. Nathan tries to see if he has super strength by pulling the metal bars and then trying to lift someone's car. The car owner sees Nathan and tells him off. In their next experiment, Nathan is bindfolded and holding a tennis racket while Simon has a number of household objects that he'll throw to at Nathan to see if he has some form of enhanced senses. However, this only leads to Nathan being accidentally harmed by the projectiles. Next is Intangibility, Nathan sits on a shopping trolley and must ride down a flight of stairs to achieve enough speed to phase through the wall, but this ends up with Nathan violently hitting it.

"Nathan tribute"


Simon's tribute to Nathan Misfits

The FULL video Simon edited for Kelly after Nathan's death.

"I Spy"


"I Spy"

Nathan is buried alive and is watching a video of Kelly eating biscuits on his cell phone. His phone then runs out of power, leaving him with no light source.

"The Fly"


"The Fly"

Nathan tries to reenact the coffin escape scene from Kill Bill II, but to not avail. He then notices a fly in the coffin and manages to kill it by repeatedly beating around. He then eats the dead insect, which surprisingly tastes nice.




Nathan feels a bit trapped in his coffin. He turns on his back, but only ends up getting even less comfortable.

Series 2[]

Series 2's online films are footage from the Community Centre's security cameras.

Title Synopsis Featuring

"Locker Inspection"


Misfits Online Films - Locker Inspection

Since his death, Nathan's locker was cleaned out. In need of some toothpaste, he forcibly goes through Kelly and Simon's lockers in search of it. Even though Nathan claims to be living like a monk, his locker is found to contain a large amount of pornographic magazines, one of them titled "Fat, northern bitches". Nathan then shamelessly takes the magazines to masturbate with them.

"Lock In"


Misfits Online Films - Lock In

Kelly, Curtis and Alisha are packing boxes into the storeroom. Curtis then notices there's a mouse and acquires a fire extinguisher to fend it off. However, this causes the storeroom door to be shut, locking Kelly and Curtis inside. As Alisha comes to open the door, see gets startled at the sight of the mouse, causing the door to once again be jammed. They call Nathan to get them out who is about to gratify himself in the toilets with a magazine, toilet paper and vaseline. Despite receiving their call, Nathan proceeds into the toilet cubicle.

"The Birthday Boy"


Misfits Online Films - The Birthday Boy

While he is meant to be outside working with the others, Nathan is sitting on a wheelchair inside the Community Centre wearing a badge and novelty slippers. Kelly walks in and learns it's his birthday. She offers to buy him a snack from the vending machine and when asked what he wants Nathan jokingly requests 'a nice handjob'. As she looks grimly, Nathan points out that she did announce her love to him when her power was reversed. Kelly dismisses it as an effect of the tablets Nathan's brother supplied them with and hands him a chocolate bar. The fire alarm then starts to set due to Nathan's cigarette smoke. Nathan tries to turn it off by hanging from the balcony's bars and reaching for it. As he presses the button, the bar breaks and Nathan falls to the floor where he breaks his neck and dies. Kelly then remarks "Happy birthday, dickhead" and takes the chocolate bar she gave him.

"Man Vs Machine"


Misfits Online Films - Man Vs Machine

When Kelly purchases a bag of crisps from the vending machine, the item gets stuck. Simon gives her a quid but the machine will still not budge. Nathan rolls along in a wheelchair and offers to retrieve the snack by beating it out. Unsuccessful, Nathan then slams his wheelchair into the vending machine which also fails. Nathan then tries to get the snack by inserting his arm into the slot but gets stuck. Curtis tries to pull him out but stops when Nathan tells him it's his 'wanking arm' that he his pulling. Simon tells Nathan that the probation worker has the key and he will have to wait. An annoyed Kelly then has to go to the shop, leaving Nathan behind.

"Ready, Steady, Roll!"


Misfits Online Films - Ready Steady Roll

Nathan and Curtis are playing table football. Nathan is winning and rejects no chance to gloat about it. Just as Curtis loses, he demands a rematch. Nathan then gets the idea to instead have a wheelchair race. Simon starts them off and the two race through the Community Centre foyer where Kelly is working and back to the corridor where Curtis reaches the finish line first. Nathan accuses Curtis of cheating and prompts him to take a urine sample despite it being obvious Curtis rightfully won. Nathan leaves a sore loser and kicks one of the wheelchairs to ground. Simon then picks up the wheelchair, briefly rolls in it and leaves when it hits a bench.

"Dinner Date"


Misfits Online Films - Dinner Date

Following the events of Episode 5, Simon is preparing to take Jessica out. Kelly compliments Simon's outfit and deodorant but he tells her Nathan said he looks like a Belgian driving instructor. Kelly tells Simon not to listen to him and Simon tells her he doesn't want to make any mistakes to which Kelly assures he won't. Jessica arrives to the Community Centre to meet up with Simon who has a voucher for pizza. A distressed Jessica tells Simon they can't see each other after what happened and leaves him at the entrance. Simon then becomes invisible and drops the pizza voucher which Kelly then picks up.

"Last Supper"


Last Supper- Misfits

As their community service is reaching its end, the gang are stacking up the last of the boxes. Nathan decides that they should celebrate this, each handing them a juice box from one of the boxes. Nathan stands atop a box and announces that it is "the Last Supper" in which Simon stacks up the final box, thus commencing the final task of their community service. Curtis, Alisha, Kelly and Simon then enthusiastically leave the Community Centre while Nathan rambles on. Nathan then falls down, tipping over the boxes. Since no one will help him clean up, he heads out.

Series 3[]

From this series on, the online films are short episodes with a full plot, insted of an addition to the main series plot.

Title Synopsis Featuring

"Vegas Baby!"

video unavalible

Nathan departs from the show and takes Marnie to Las Vegas.



Misfits - Web-épisode - Erazer 3x09 VOSTFR

The gang learns the identity of Erazer.

Series 4[]

see Misfits Strung Out