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Personality Rewrite is a power that causes the user's memories, personality and intentions to be overwritten with those of a fictional character, possibly one they have acted as.


  • Debby obtained this power through the Storm and became Lola because of it.


Lola used this power unconciously, creating an entirely different personality and even picking up a new name. She manipulated her lovers, telling lies of how her ex had hurt her and even causing self-injury to convince her boyfriends. The current boyfriend would usually harm or kill the ex-boyfriend, creating an infinite chain of these events.


The power infects the body, allowing the user's new personality to overwrite their original thoughts, memories, personality, preferences and habits.

Similar Powers[]

  • Video Game Hallucinations - power greatly weakens the user's ability to distinguish between a video game and the real world.
  • Satanic Conversion - the power to be possessed by the Devil and transform individuals into agents of Satan.