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Pete was a police officer and a friend of Sally and Tony's.


Late one night, he heard about a drug dealer working at a night club and went to investigate. He caught Alisha with some drugs and asked her to tell him who sold her the drugs. She tried to flirt with him in order to get away with it, but Pete didn't cave and she told him where the drug dealer is. He busted the dealer, who was just selling drugs to Curtis and Sam. He arrested Curtis and sent him to do community service.

A few months later, Pete's friend, Tony, was killed by Kelly on her first day doing community service, alongside Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Nathan. Tony was engaged to Sally, who also knew Pete. She was convinced that the gang killed Tony, but Pete found it hard to believe and tried to convince her she's wrong. Eventually, Sally was killed as well, this time by Simon, who was hiding her body in the community centre. Pete started to think that maybe Sally was right, and started searching for her body. He didn't find it and probably let the case go, since he wasn't seen on the show again.