Power Removal
5x7 Power Removal
Removing other people's powers through sex
Inverse power
Neil (deceased)

Power Removal is the power to remove other people's powers through sexual intercourse. It is stored within the user's body but cannot be used either consciously or unconsciously.


  • Alex received this power after having a lung transplant. Emma told him the lung used to belong to someone named Neil.


The removal of the power is achieved by having sex with the power holder up to the point of climax where a large "rush" emerges through Alex, followed by a bright light that shines for a few seconds, signifying that the power has been taken. There are a few conditions that has to be met during the intercourse for the removal to happen:

  • Alex must penetrate the recipient throughout the duration of the sex, as Emma states it probably won't work if he ejaculates elsewhere.
  • The sex has to be vaginal or anal and Alex presumably must assume the "top" position (Alex was never seen receiving, and others have stated that the power lies within his penis).
  • Consent isn't necessary from either party; Alex has taken powers by anal rape on two occasions and he was made to take a power while hypnotized.

Alex can also only remove one power at a time, even if the recipient is currently holding multiple powers. This is was shown when he removed Finn's recently acquired power of Satanic Conversion without taking his original power of Telekinesis.

Powers RemovedEdit

All of these powers were then transferred to Sarah when Alex's power was reversed. Showing that once removed Alex holds the powers in him like Seth did, unable to use them.

In Alternate TimelinesEdit

In Luke's World -

Alex still held Flight when the timeline ceased to exist but he does not hold it in the current timeline.

Similar PowersEdit

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