Precognitive Crafting
Craft visions of the future
Inverse power
Unseen, likely retrocognitive crafting

Precognitive Crafting is the power to reveal an image of the future through a particular kind of craft.

Characters Edit

Examples Edit

  • Maggie knits a jumper for Rudy Two which depicts four people around one of the buildings on the estate. Two of the people on the jumper are wearing orange jumpsuits, which leads Rudy Two to believe that he and the other members of the gang are going to become superheroes.
  • Maggie later knits a second jumper that shows three members of the gang laying seemingly dead in pools of their own blood.
  • She gives another jumper to Jess shower her carrying a child which Rudy believes to be his and Jess'.
  • Maggie claims to knit the past only when her arthritis is playing up.

Similar PowersEdit

  • Foresight - The power to see the changeable imminent future of a course of events.
  • Future Illustration - The power to manipulate the outcomes of events using illustration.
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