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Probation Workers were civil servants/legal professionals sent by Wertham council to oversee convicted juveniles on the community payback scheme based at the Community Centre. Their job role was to make sure the young cons were doing their bit, arrange their daily activities, keep them in line and make sure they turned up, and help in their rehabilitation.

A running gag throughout the show is that The Misfits Gang were responsible for the deaths of nearly all of their probation workers, whether it be directly or indirectly. The only probation worker to not be killed was the final and longest serving probation worker, Greg Adley; at one point the Misfits gang thought that they had accidentally killed Greg, yet Greg survived.

Probation workers to The Misfits Gang[]

Several probation workers have been seen in the show, with five of them actually directly overseeing the Misfits gang. These include:

Image Name From: To: Charges Info
Tony Tony 1.1 1.1
The original probation worker, and the only probation worker who is known to have been present during The Storm and been given a power by it. Tony initially tried his best to help the youths, but had underlying temper issues, which were exasperated by the constant abrasive behavior of the Misfits gang towards him. This resulted in Tony being given the power of Berserker Rage, and the Misfits gang had to kill Tony in self-defense to save their own lives.
Sallyportal Sally 1.1 1.5
The second probation worker, and the fiance of the first, Tony. Sally used her time as probation worker to try uncover the truth about Tony's disappearance, including seducing Simon, which covered one of the main story arcs of the first series. Simon accidentally killed Sally during a scuffle, but her spirit, and that of Tony's, returned at the end of Series 3, where they finally found closure and moved on.
250px-Shaun Shaun 2.1 3.5
The third probation worker to the Misfits gang, sent as replacement when Sally had disappeared. Shaun was the probation worker throughout Series 2 and most of Series 3. Shaun was shown to be laid-back, flippant, sarcastic, and lazy in his duties, not caring at all for the gang's rehabilitation; he saw them merely as an irritant. Shaun was killed during his first appearance when the gang mistook him for Lucy, although Curtis was able to undo this with his Time Reversal. Shaun was eventually stabbed by Kelly, whose body at the time was taken over by Jen. Shaun showed incredulity that the juveniles had superpowers in his dying moments.
Vlcsnap-2011-12-12-14h28m07s125 Laura 3.7 3.7
The fourth probation worker, sent to fill in for Shaun. She was the shortest-lived of all the probation workers, living only long enough to announce who she was, before being bitten by a Zombie cheerleader. Before she could become a zombie herself, Rudy finished her off. It could be said that Curtis was indirectly responsible for her death, since the zombies were a result of his Resurrection power.
Greg Greg 4.1 5.8
The fifth and final probation worker to the Misfits gang, and the only probation worker to survive. Greg was also the longest serving probation worker (in 15 episodes compared to Shaun's 11), lasting throughout Series 4 and Series 5. A closeted homosexual, Greg was extremely intense, had serious anger issues, and it is strongly implied, underlying psychopathic tendencies. He is the only probation worker that the Misfits gang were scared of, not counting Tony during his berserker rage. At one point, whilst drunk, Greg comes onto Finn who then accidentally throws him down some stairs with his Telekinesis. The gang go to bury Greg's body, but he stirs, causing Rudy to panic and hit Greg's head with a shovel, but still Greg survives. Two years into the future, Greg is shown still as the probation worker at the Community Centre, and in a relationship with another probation worker, Stuart.

Other probation workers[]


During the time before Greg arrived and the Community Centre was unsupervised, Rudy, whilst under the spell of Violent Obsession, pretended to be the probation worker to a newly-arrived Finn and Jess. Jess however saw right through Rudy's acting.


Debby, also known under her alter ego Lola, pretended to be a trainee probation worker to Curtis.


Stuart was a Wertham probation worker that did not initially work at the Communtity Centre (and like Greg a closeted homosexual) who attended the Power Support Group regarding his power. Two years into the future, Stuart is seen in the closet at the Communtiy Centre, naked and with his then-boyfriend Greg.


Former Misfits gang member Finn is shown as a trainee probation worker under Greg in an alternate future.